About Jobbertown Media

Jobbertown Media is a diverse agency with a focus on delivering results for our clients.

Our approach is brass tacks. Couple our research with design and comprehensive measuring, you have a recipe for success.

Founded in 2007

We as a company started in 2007 after a few years of doing odd jobs within the internet marketing world. Having worked for others in the industry we felt confident and compelled to go out on our own. Within one year of operation we were instrumental in helping a grassroots effort achieve success in a major presidential election, catapulted 25 businesses to the front page of Google/Yahoo/Bing and donated our time and services to many local community projects. We grew to a staff of 5 before the infamous recession of 2008, and while hit hard by the economy we persevered and continue to be successful to this date. We now celebrate our sixth year in business and have a proven track record of working with a diverse group of non-profits, and small businesses in our area and nationwide.

What sets us apart from the others?  

Simply put, our drive and understanding of how to get things done in a timely manner are the biggest components of our success. The principals behind Jobbertown Media have over 15 years of media production under their belts. We eat, breathe, and live for media. We have the knowledge to improve on any situation that is given to us. Did we mention that we also have an awesome sense of humor? 

Our Approach

We start by listening and asking questions. What we want to know is more about you and what have been your past experiences with advertising. The NationBuilder platform is a great fit for non-profit and political organizations as well as businesses and we'd love to help you grow your "Nation". Our consultations and one on one interaction with our clients aid us in planning the appropriate path ahead. No business is alike nor is everyone at the same point in their endeavors. 


We are Leaders

Over the years we have been afforded the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. From website design/consultation, internet marketing, social media and traditional media, our footprint is recognized and often sought out by those wanting to succeed where others have failed them. 

We also have a "never say die " attitude while striving to learn and do new things that gives us our competitive edge. We are constantly updating our knowledge base so that we can in turn offer our clients that leg up they are looking for.  



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